Do Good: Reuse-Driven Partnerships

Jennifer Zuklie

Founder & CEO // The Swoondle Society

Jennifer Zuklie is a Brooklyn-based mother of two and founder/CEO of The Swoondle Society, the first of its kind children’s clothing trading platform.  Since launching in 2016, The Swoondle Society has gained tremendous traction with the fashion-forward, eco-conscious and pragmatic parents across the United States.  

Jen’s unique approach to modernizing the traditional hand-me-down process is what sets Swoondle apart.  The Swoondle Society gives economically and environmentally conscious parents alike the opportunity to effortlessly swap their tots’ gently (or never) worn clothing, shoes, accessories and even holiday costumes with duds of the same value.

Swoondle members have done over 19,000 trades, and have responsibly recycled over 4,000 pounds of textiles responsibly. Swoondle believes making reuse easy and part of our day-to-day lives.  It’s mission to keep all kids clothing items “in play” longer - whether they are traded amongst members, donated to children in need via our partner non profit, Room to Grow or domestically textile recycled via our non-profit partnership with Green Tree Textiles.  

When not Swoondling her heart out, Jen enjoys arts & crafts with her kids, cooking, gardening, playing sports and spending far too much time researching everything.