Reuse Futures

Jennifer Russell 

Lecturer, Bard College

Dr. Jennifer Russell is a sustainability leader and circular economy scientist who specializes in sustainability outcomes at the intersection of business strategy and ethics, operations, circular economy and stakeholder engagement. As a sustainability professional, Jennifer has been involved in facility-level impact assessment (energy use, water use, waste generation), facility sustainability, waste, and building retro-fitting assessment, product life-cycle assessment, supply-chain and value-chain assessment, sustainability metrics development and corporate sustainability reporting, and other environmental and regulatory compliance reporting. Jennifer has supported global-level consulting projects for several multi-national CPG companies to develop circular economy strategy, sustainability, and implementation plans.  Jennifer co-authored the UNEP IRP report "Re-defining Value - The Manufacturing Revolution" (2018) , which advocates the essential need for systems-thinking in assessing the potential to achieve joint environmental and economic improvements through innovative approaches to production systems, value-chain and supply-chain management, and the engagement of internal corporate stakeholders. Looking specifically at the barriers and constraints faced by individual firms, Jennifer's industry experience and research is focused on leveraging meaningful assessment and strategy to support a firm's decision to engage in more sustainable and circular production and operating practices. Jennifer also lectures in the Bard MBA in Sustainability program, teaching Sustainable Operations & Supply Chain, and Circular Value Chain courses. Jennifer received her B.ES (2006) from the University of Waterloo, her MBA (2010) from the University of Toronto, and her Ph.D. (2018) from the Rochester Institute of Technology.